What connectors are used to plug into the Sealed Buss Bars?

All standard Sealed Buss Bars plug into the following connectors

a) Deutsch® DT06-12SA

b) Amphenol® AT06-12SA

c) TE Connectivity® 934456212 formerly Molex® ML-XT

For specialty Sealed Buss Bars see product information page.

How much current can the Sealed Buss Bars handle?

Single connector units are rated for 150 Amps to 200 Amps and all dual connector units are rated for 300 Amps.  Each contact is rated for 13A continuous.

What type of screws should be used to secure the Sealed Buss Bars?

Any #10 Pan head screw will work.  We do not recommend using flat or oval head screw styles.

What size nut should be used on the stud(s)?

We supply 5/16-18 Stainless Serrated Flange Nuts with each stud.  No additional hardware is required, but any 5/16-18 Stainless Steel nut is appropriate.

What sealing rating does the Sealed Buss Bars have?

IP67 – Dust Tight and Water Resistant to 1 meter.  With addition of boots to the connectors that plug into the Sealed Buss Bars IP68 is achievable.

What Size wires can go into the connectors?

The connectors that plug into the Sealed Buss Bar are rated for 18 American Wire Gauge (AWG) through to 14 AWG.  The SBB-SHP also has 2 positions rated for 14 AWG through 10 AWG.

How do you connect larger wire to the Sealed Buss Bars?

The 5/16 studs are able to accept a standard ring terminal crimped on the end of the cable up through 4/0 (0000) wire size.  Always use an appropriate size wire for the maximum possible current being applied to the buss bar.

What is the torque specification for the nut on the stud?

132 in.lb. or 14.9 Nm

How many wires can be attached to the studs?

We recommend no more than 4 wires per stud.

How much voltage can be applied to the Sealed Buss Bars?

All Sealed Buss Bars are rated for up to 48V DC.

For Sealed Buss Bars with multiple studs, are they connected internally?

All SBB-24 and SBC-24 series all contacts and studs are connected internally.  The SBB2-12 and SBC2-12 are internally isolated in which the stud behind each connector is bonded to the connector.

What is the internal connection in the Sealed Buss Bars?

We use C1100 Electrolytic Copper.

Can you use the Sealed Buss Bars for power circuits?

Yes, proper circuit protection on the smaller wires must be used to prevent short circuits and other hazards.

Do you offer custom colors?

Yes, the base material can be colored, but minimum will apply.

Do you have 3d CAD files available?

Yes, please contact us at suzanne@solico.com for the files.  STP is the most common format, but others available on request.

Do you sell the connectors that plug into the Sealed Buss Bars?

No, we only supply the Sealed Buss Bars.  The connectors are available through our retail partners as well as many other sources.

Where are the Sealed Buss Bars made?

We proudly make all of our products in the USA.

What is the US content for the Sealed Buss Bars?

We use up to 98.6% US content.

Do you sell to individuals?

No we sell directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors.  Please visit: https://sealedbussbar.com/distributors/ to see our distributors or online retail partners.